Selection Based On Fragrances And Perfume Category

The first step to cut off the confusions regarding the selection of the apt category of fragrance is to have a thorough understanding of the fragrance families and the perfume categories. A little bit of knowledge is however essentially necessary in order to pick the right thing at the right price.

Basic Categories

On the basis of the notes and the order they have been layered, the perfumes and the fragrances have been categorized into a number of families. Although almost all the fragrances have the refreshing aromatic fougere base, yet many others are having certain other unique bases. Some of the basic categorizations are as follows:

Citrus is a unique family of fragrances that has got the aesthetic aromatic note of the fruit oils. The leading brands of the perfumes of Iran and France use to use the basic notes of the lime, oranges, grapes, lemon, and apricots. Many leadung perfume makers use the predominant notes of peaches as well.

Drywoods bases are strictly for the men. This is a category where the presence of the wondrous woody fragrance is noticed when dried up, along with the additional notes of tobacco or leather or cedar or burnt woods. Sometimes the masculine woody notes are made lightened by applying some citrus notes, which gives the fragrance a special effect.

Floral base is another unique fragrance family having some awe-inspiring features of softness. The perfumes falling under this category are specifically for females. First appeared in 1900’s floral oriental base of fragrances have earned a great deal of admirations all over the world within a very short spell of time. This is due to the fact that some of these perfumes contain the sweet fragrances of exotic flowers.

Fougere is again another aesthetic category of fragrance, which – in French means – “FERN”. This particular family contains the aroma of some of the harmless forest herbs and grasses. These superb oriental notes of fragrances have engulfed much of the occidental market, with the sweet spicy bases of citrus or softwoods or may be floral. Formulated with a wide range of awesome fragrances this specific category has always admired by the world’s most fashionable men.

Chypre is a special category of fragrance that is presented with the refreshing notes of citrus aesthetically blended with the inconspicuous fragrances of the woody tones of oakmoss or patchouli or etc.

Water base fragrances are the lightest of all the categories of fragrances. Alike some others this class of perfumes has been subcategorized into males and females notes. Predominated by the water bases with the refreshing notes of citrus, fruit oils and water herbs, this is one of the smartest choices for the summer seasons.

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