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Flaviar is one of the finest spirit producing brand carrying rich culture, history and art of distillation. From the ancient times till now there is large hike in no of alcohol consumers, maintaining the same great quality is quite tough task but fortunately FLAVIAR always maintains the same like before. In today era there are more than 15,000 distilleries with various spirit products.

Make your dream home bar with Flaviar and pick some premium selection of bottles. You can wisely try, check and make preference list easily with Flaviar as they takes care your selections.      

Some of their products are listed below-


Origin of Ballantine was in Scotland. It has the crown of most loved and world’s second highest selling scotch, was founded by George Ballentine in 1827. With alcohol content 40% it comes under blended scotch whisky. Ballentine has golden amber color and vanilla forward nose with a touch of smoke. On a ten point of scale it is awarded eight.

Price – $92.81


 With 8.5 ratings, Ardbeg is another very popular name. Ardbeg distillery has known as one of the best distillery, they produce the Peatiest Islay whisky. It contains 57.1 % alcohol and comes under single malt scotch whisky which is made in Scotland using a pot still distillation Malted barley is used as main ingredient and take at least three year or more to complete.

Price – $101.34


Bourbon is fairly known as new barrel spirit, with at least 51% corn bourbon is made from grain mixture. 

This one was the first distillery in terms of using and exploiting corns, was a true American pioneer. Evan William was famous as a jack-of-oil.

Price – $60.31


Paul Hletko with his highly skilled team is producing spirits using corn, Barley and Rye. Originates in the city of Evanston, Illinois, which is famous for temperature variations. Straight Bourbon takes minimum 2 years or more to prepare properly with at least 51% corn.

Price – $86.81


Mount Gay has a delicious flavour with rich cultural taste and known as the oldest Rum distillery in the world. With 43% of alcohol content it comes under dark Rum category.

Price- $48.25


From different cultures and countries Flaviar takes all the most beloved products on one platform and made it easy to choose your favourite spirits. They offer membership schemes to their customers with fabulous discounts for you and your loved ones. So enjoy and live your dream with Flaviar. 

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