Lose That Belly And Get Fit


Losing fat has become a mantra for many thanks to the growing health and fitness awareness around the globe. However losing fat is no easy job unless you are disciplined and committed. It calls for regular exercise and balanced nutrient diet to achieve the desired results.

The idea that the fat and the quantity of food consumed are directly proportionate is a misconception. Smaller quantity of protein and carbohydrates at lesser intervals would only help one for easy digestion than fewer heavy meals and also help lose fat. Your daily food need contain carbohydrate and protein rich items such as oatmeal, beans, green vegetables sprouted cereals, peas apples and leafy vegetables.

Roughly 3500 calories makes one pound of fat going by the analogy one should not attempt to reduce fat more than 2lbs.a week. Cutting done fat-rich beef and fried items and addition of more vegetables not only help reduce fat but also keeps the system more disease resistant.

Lose fat is synonymous with regular exercise. The kind of exercise one should choose depends on a variety of factors like ones interest, the extra pound to shed out and the time at his disposal. One should not attempt to do the exercise for more than 45 minutes a day normally. In picking up weights one need to be careful to pick up one that one can handle for not more than 25-30 repetitions.

Losing fat should not be confused with losing weight as the two are very different. One can easily work out and eat right and burn fat while still gaining weight through the gain of muscle mass. Therefore it would be considered a better concept to strive to lose fat and gain muscle definition as just losing weight can be hazardous to ones health.

Lose fat is easy achieved by the presently popular Yoga exercise for about an hour a day. The beauty of the exercise is that while it reduces the fat by consumption of calories it keeps the body and mind cool and healthy. Walk into any good yoga training center and reap the benefits. But never attempt to do the same from self study books that may surely land you in trouble.

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