Men From Mars Women Venus Common Sense Cover The Penis

What could be more serious than to be on the receiving end of an STD. The answer is, millions of people are choosing to ignore the warning signs of safe sex therefore causing epidemics like the plague.

The plague as I remember go back to the days of Guy Fawkes where people had no help or treatment like we have today in the 21st century.


Ignorance has to be top of the list why this is a major concern. If you told me that a death sentence came with casual unprotected sex you would not have to repeat it a second time.

How many warnings is it going take for people to accept the dangers on what it is like to be abused by a STD. You have no say in the matter when it goes on a path of destruction as i.e. taking you physically and mentally

Some STD comes with the death penalty if left untreated. Years ago the death penalty was imposed upon you; nowadays people inflict it on them selves

Wear a glove when making love should be your number one priority.

VD stands for (Venereal disease) I now see it standing for (Vast distribution) of this killer disease that infects millions all over the world.

Sexual contact with a stranger/s is the biggest offender leaving an aftermath behind as in heartache suffering pain and hospital appointments. Clinics have to be visited for weeks maybe months, and in some unfortunate cases no clinic visits to attend. All because the infected sufferer left the STD to fester and eat away at them like maggots devouring a corpse. Please seek advice early

Unclean sex diseases can be fatal and if untreated causing infertility in women.

Syphilis symptoms, expect to lose control over your own mind syphilis attacks the nervous system and then goes on to assault the brain which leads to dementia even death.

Medication and treatments are readily available so if in doubt consult your doctor. This is not a headache that goes away in time, and time is what you do not have after contracting a STD. Get attention immediately

As far as I am aware we still have no cure for Herpes another STD that comes with blisters and very painful scabby sores that break out in there own time around the genital area, not a pretty sight, but who is going to see as you wont be playing the field for a long time to come all because you chose not to follow the warning signs..

Pregnancy and Herpes not a match made in heaven,help protect your unborn child by talking to someone.

Don’t leave it to chance I have reason to believe about 15 million cases in the United States took chances. No one is invulnerable…

Gonorrhea is not to be snubbed it needs to be rubbed with special creams and oral medicines. It is an early stage of the disease so nip it in the bud early. The early bird catches the worm.

Pubic lice otherwise known as crabs can cause major havoc and discomfort in the lower region. For a small parasite they too cause stress, these infectious little characters embed and bury themselves into the flesh causing an uncontrollable itch which can prove to very embarrassing when out shopping. Get it sorted.

I could go on and on pointing out the risks of STD like HIV and its dedicated follower the dreaded full blown aids. This can be contracted by other sources not just sex…

Sexual contact with your partner should be a worry free zone thus giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your sexual encounter.

Sex where both parties get to together should be romantic and fun

Cause for concern throughout the sexual activity will not give you the results you would expect from a night of passion.

If you want to play cupid then don’t be stupid, think condom

Men are from Mars women from Venus, common sense says cover the PENIS.

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