What Is Zylorin

On the Zylorin website you will find the absurd statement “Fact, Zylorin has achieved elite status as the most effective weight loss product on the market today!”

I guess there is a sucker born every minute. Don’t believe for a second that Zylorin is the “most effective weightless product on the market today”.

While visiting their site, I had a chance to take the Zylorin “survey”. It was a total joke. You check little boxes which go nowhere, just give you the comfort of making the check? They should add a couple more, “Do you fall for total hype easily,” “Do you feel bad now that you’ve confirmed by our survey you are FAT?”

Have you noticed the fad of placing some health and beauty magazines at the top of diet pill companies’ websites? Is every diet pill ever made in a magazine or are companies lying? Well, we already know Zylorin has achieved “most effective weight loss product”, it must certainly be in People magazine. Wrong.

But seriously people, right when a diet pill makes a claim like “We’re the best”, you really need to put your thinking caps on and ask, “Ok, prove it.” The listed ingredients are little more than a stew of trendy ingredients to make you say, “Ooh, I’ve heard of that one, and that one, and that one. This must be great.”

Don’t let “before and after photos” become your evidence of efficacy for a diet pill, I’ve seen the same before and after photos on different products it makes me sick. If you really want something good, it needs a double blind study conducted by the FDA proving results. BUT since that will never happen unless you’re a billion dollar drug company who both pays for such a study and bribes the FDA to publish biased results, you’ll need to rely on a little education. First, if a product-like Zylorin-claims to be the greatest ever created, you don’t buy it because you know they’re lying. Why would the greatest diet pill ever created even offer a money back guarantee? They advertise both so much, and yet they don’t realize it’s like saying “Come to heaven, here in hell.

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